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Sharing Christ in a Different Culture (P2M 5)

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Lesson 6. The Missionary Family Copy

Transitioning into a new life as a family can be complicated. Having a shared purpose can create strong bonds between family members, but the stress of change can also create strain. 

In this lesson, we’ll explore the effects of mission work on a marriage, as well as on children, and how you as parents can minimize the negative effects and emphasize the positive ones.

While adjusting as a family to a new life is more complicated than as a single person, it isn’t impossible. It is important to stay committed, maintain motivation, remain honest, be flexible, pay attention to each other, and grow together. 

Parents must also be cognizant of and responsive to the effects of an international upbringing on their children. 

Together, the family can create a positive experience that will stay with them throughout their lives.

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