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Lesson 5. It’s Your Church!

Not many Christian organizations can claim to be truly global, but the Adventist Church can. There are some challenges that come with this global structure, however.

First, it can take a bit of work to understand how that organization functions.

Secondly, but incredibly important is how the church functions to increase the success of your ministry no matter where you serve.

Finally, it can be challenging to identify your specific role within that organization.

In this lesson, we’ll explore the church as an organization, its value in the larger context of the world and its needs, and how you can contribute to it.

There is strength in numbers, a fact which you just perused in this lesson. The church is in a strong position to support missions like yours, and it’s you and your dedication that give the church its strength.

We need each other, and together we can work with Christ to change the world for him.