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Lesson 4. It’s Christian! It’s Adventist!

It is important that you realize and acknowledge what you as an Adventist have to offer to the non-Christian world.

It’s also important that we help others experience Christianity. It is up to us to introduce Christ as a friend first, but as a friend who is also our salvation. 

In this lesson, we will review the three main convictions of Adventism and discuss ways in which you can connect with other people groups in order to introduce these concepts more effectively. 

You’ve just reviewed the three main convictions of Adventists:

  • Jesus is coming again — and soon!
  • God wants our love, obedience, and discipleship.
  • God restores believers to wholeness.

You also discovered that Adventists have a uniqueness that allows us to connect with non-believers in ways other religions cannot, offering us an advantage in sharing Christ’s love with them.

Now, in our next and final lesson, we’ll explore the benefit of the Adventist Church being a global church — something not very many other Christian groups can claim — and what that means for your ministry.