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Lesson 3. It’s a Mandate! Copy

God has many reasons for choosing us humans to do the mission work alongside him — to be his hands and feet on earth — and it’s important that you understand and acknowledge those reasons as you prepare to follow his lead. 

Did you know that as a member of the body of Christ, you have already been sent into the world to preach the gospel?

In this lesson, we’ll explore the idea of being called and what that means for us as Adventists.

In order to serve God well, we must know who we’re working for and why. In this lesson, you not only confirmed the answers to those questions but also discovered that mission work is a purposeful duty and that the Bible answers the who/what/when/why questions most people have about mission work. 

With your newfound understanding that Christ has already placed each of us on a trajectory to serve, let’s move on to the next lesson, in which we’ll discover why it’s important that we continue on that trajectory and what, exactly, we have to offer the world.