Winning Hearts: Disciple Making in East Asia

Winning Hearts: Disciple-making in East Asia


Winning Hearts is an introductory course focused on preparing gospel workers for effective winning East Asian people for Jesus. By East Asian we mean people whose cultures have been strongly influenced by Buddhism. Although religions such as Taoism, Confucianism, or Shinto also play a big role in shaping East Asian cultures, this training is limited to the Buddhist impact. Church leaders and gospel workers often note the growing secularization of East Asian societies and assume that specialized approaches to reach Buddhists are irrelevant in this context. What they misunderstand, however, is that secularizing East Asian societies still have values and worldviews shaped by Buddhism.


The purpose of the Winning Hearts course is to orient gospel workers to clearly understand the objective of their mission, to examine the cultural challenges of winning East Asian for Jesus, and to offer a methodology for more effective soul winning.

In this course, learners will…

  • Explore the goal of Adventist mission and how to measure success in mission.
  • Review the nature of the Adventist message and mission methods.
  • Examine the East Asian cultural barriers that impact soul-winning efforts by gospel workers.
  • Learn a five-step model for making East Asian disciples for Christ.
  • Consider a more strategic way to intercede for the lost through prayer.
  • Apply this information to your own context, utilizing reflective thought and discussion with other learners.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be receive a “Practitioner Certificate” from the Global Mission Center for East Asian Religions (CEAR), which is a ministry under the General Conference Office of Adventist Mission. This will certify that the learner has received an introductory course in soul-winning for East Asians and has the prerequisite training for more advanced courses in disciple-making, church-planting, and missional leadership.


This is a cohort class that is designed for a group of gospel workers to take together at the same time. After you have registered and have been accepted into the course, CEAR will begin with a video-conference call to make introductions and explain the learning process.

Winning Hearts has been divided into four sections. It is intended that each section will be completed in one week, making this a four-week course. The sections are…

  • Section One – Sizing up the Mission
  • Section Two – The East Asian Mission Challenge
  • Section Three – Making Disciples in East Asia – I
  • Section Four – Making Disciples in East Asia – II

Episodes: This course includes 14 video episodes as mini-lessons in each of the four sections. Each episode has an accompanying worksheet that you will need to fill out and then upload back for grading. Use the Word “doc” worksheet if you can; and there is a pdf version offered if you need it. Before continuing to the next lesson, a four-question quiz must be answered correctly. You may retake the quiz until you get all questions correct.

Group Discussions. When you have completed a section, the last assignment will be to write a 250-word “reply” to the discussion question which applies your learning to your ministry context. Also, you will need to read the other posts and reply to at least two other posts that you would like to respond to. The due date for your own post will be Sunday evening. Your responses to other posts will be Tuesday morning.

CEAR Zoom Meetings. There will be six Zoom meetings with CEAR as scheduled for your cohort.

Reflection Paper.  After the final CEAR video conference, learners will have two weeks to write a reflection paper of 1,000 to 1,250 words. The paper will begin by summarizing the major concepts presented in the class and then apply these to the local ministry context. The summary section of the paper should not take up more than 500 words of the paper. The paper should be typed with double-spacing. The weight of the grading will be on summarizing the major concepts (30%), application in your context (50%), and paper construct (flow of thought, citations, organization) (20%).


Each learner will need to pass the class in order to earn the “Practitioner Certificate.” A passing grade is 70% or higher. The purpose of grading is to ensure certificate holders have indeed achieved a basic understanding of East Asian disciple-making and have reflected on how they can how best apply this information in their context of ministry.

How grading will be weighted.

  1. Lessons (worksheets and quizzes)……………………………………………………. 35%
  2. Section Discussions (Forums & CEAR video conferences)………………. 30%
  3. Reflection Paper…………………………………………………………………… ………….. 35%

Note: Late work will be assessed a 10% deduction for each day it is late.

Audit Option

For those wanting to take the course but don’t have time to complete all the work, they may “audit” the course and forgo receiving a CEAR Practitioner Certificate. However, those auditing the course will still be required to complete the 14 lessons and participate in the forum discussion boards and video conference discussions. Those auditing the class are not required to read the articles or write a reflection paper.

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Course Includes

  • 18 Lessons
  • 14 Topics
  • 14 Quizzes

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